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Though ubiquitous digicams and smartphones have now made their services much harder to sell, this is their craft.
This comes only a month after two major suppliers of unauthorised systems - working for a company called Digicams - were each jailed for three and a half years.
The camera is first digital point and shoot camera currently available and is being sold for [pounds sterling]65 - making it comparably cheaper to similar fisheye digicams such as the Go-Pro.
In digicams there are many offers, but the best of the lot has to be the Fujifilm Finepix T400 - 16mp, 10x optical zoom, 3" LCD, HD video (720p) (was Dh599, now Dh299 with 4GB memory card+case free) and Finepix JX300 - 14mp, 5x optical zoom, 2.
Pioneer, Asia Optical to set up venture in Brazil to make digicams
Throughout the book, whatever they're doing - training, actually fighting, whatever - they're also whipping out their digicams and taking pictures.
Merchant, 32, contributed to an easy method of screening for eye diseases in under- five kids using low- cost, high- resolution digicams.
We have never expected phone cameras to replace the dedicated digicams, and this one didn't change our minds.
Each participant receives a participation certificate and the top 100 rankers get prizes which include laptops, PCs, digicams, wrist watches, pen drives and books.
An accomplished astro imager based in Stuttgart, Germany, Seip provides a solid overview of the tools of the trade, from inexpensive point-and-shoot digicams and webcams, to prosumer digital SLRs and dedicated astronomical CCD cameras.
WARRINGTON Special Police Investigation unit are trying to track down pounds 250,000 of Digicams and MP3 players stolen from Riverside retail park.
Among the plethora of consumer digicams debuting at PMA were the W-series Cyber-shot cameras from Sony Electronics Inc.