digital audiotape

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dig′ital au′diotape

magnetic tape on which sound is digitally recorded with high fidelity for playback.
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audiotape - a tape recording of sound
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Since chapters 2 and 3 deal with getting audio information into and out of a computer, chapters 4 and 5 sensibly deal with storing that information, Chapter 4 focuses on tape-based systems, including the Umatic videotape, digital audiotape (DAT), Tascam DA-88, Alesis ADAT, Pro-Digi, Sony PCM, and digital compact-cassette (DCC) formats.
Southcott, for example, tapes his show at his Granada Hills home studio, then overnights the digital audiotape to Denver where the satellite uplink is located.
Their ultrafine magnetic particles provide higher output with less background noise than Fuji's current digital audiotape (DAT) line, which uses superfine Metallix magnetic particles.

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