digital communication

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: communication - electronic transmission of information that has been encoded digitally (as for storage and processing by computers)digital communication - electronic transmission of information that has been encoded digitally (as for storage and processing by computers)
electronic communication - communication by computer
asynchronous transfer mode, ATM - a means of digital communications that is capable of very high speeds; suitable for transmission of images or voice or video as well as data; "ATM is used for both LAN and WAN"
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Apart from periodic enhancements to match taxpayers' expectations as well as other strategies, leveraging on digital communication has been key to bringing iTax closer to the hearts of taxpayers.
"Moon had discussions with Dorsey on changes the social media has brought to society, and the future of digital communication," a Cheong Wa Dae official said.
In communities with lower levels of access to digital communication, postal services remain vital for the distribution of information and goods.
Hence, the author suggest that when both Western and African cultures merge together through new forms of digital communication, marginalized populations in Africa are able to embrace communication, which could help in the socio-cultural and political development of the continent.
Based in Church Village, near Pontypridd, Deeplake is a market leader in digital communication for social landlords and local authorities in the UK, Ireland and Australia.
Under the government's 'Digital Island' initiative, the rest of the isolated areas of the country are being connected with through digital communication to make them a part of national development through communication technology, information exchange and community mobilisation.
Backman, who has previously been employed by RNB as business development manager e-commerce, digital communication and CRM, now also assumes the role as deputy IT-manager.
Summary: GWAVA has announced its participation to GITEX Technology Week 2015, where it aims to feature its unified archiving solution for email, social and mobile digital communication.
The Appraisal Institute's "Opinions of Value" blog and its video on how data impacts appraisals both received AVA Digital Awards honoring excellence in digital communication.
"Digital communication vehicles continue to develop and progress around us but are not completely eclipsing traditional avenues of communication," said Jean Wiskowski, vice president, sales strategies, Prudential Group Insurance.
Addressing a press conference during the launch of a report on privacy by the UN Human Rights Office, Pillay said, "invasive surveillance and the collection and storage of personal data arising from digital communication -- whether this is targeted surveillance or massive in scope -- may not only infringe on the right to privacy, but also on a range of other vital human rights.

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