digital pads

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plantar pad, digital pads - The plantar pad is the larger pad of a cat's foot; the digital pads are on the toes.
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A deep incision was given on affected foot pad and wound debridement was carried out to remove scab, pus and necrotic tissues from the abscess and then dressing was done with povidone iodine and bandage was applied for 5 days to minimize the pressure on digital pads. In systemic antibiotic Amoxicillin and Dicloxacillin (Nemoclox-D (a), 1gm/ lit.drinking water) was given orally for 24 hr for 3 days.
Users can set the system to use digital pads, swipe gestures, or your gadget's accelerometer to manipulate games on PC.
With increasing popularity of smartphones and digital pads such as the iPad, the market for apps (short for applications) is also growing.
Looking ahead, Abd al-Rahman said, "I think that five years from now, in a country that is well connected in the communications area, kids will no longer have to carry bags and books." Holding up his iPad, he added, "The technology will be digital pads like this."
The digital pads were weakly developed and not prominent.
The digital pads were of moderate size and were better developed than those on the forefoot digits.
The relatively blunt tips of the pilorie's forefoot claws, the slight convergence of the claws' dorsal plate edges, and the weak development of the digital pads are clear indications of non-arboreal habits.
Burrowing ability: Certain morphological characters indicate a slight adaptation for digging: blunt tips of the claws, slight convergence of the claw dorsal plate edges, weak development of the digital pads, and structural reduction and increased toughness of the interdigital and metapodial pads.
Silipos's economical and convenient Digital Pads on a Strip[TM] and Digistrip[TM] provide the same benefits as Silipos digital pads and corn pads, but they are supplied in nonfraying, continuous 24" strips that the user can cut for exact sizing.
Digital Pads on a Strip contain a molded disc of Silipos's soothing, medical-grade mineral oil gel.
Digital Pads on a Strip and Digistrip are available in three sizes, with two strips per package.