digital recording

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digital recording

(Electronics) a sound recording process that converts audio or analogue signals into a series of pulses that correspond to the voltage level. These can be stored on tape or on any other memory system

dig′ital record′ing

1. a method of recording sound in which an input audio waveform is sampled many thousands of times per second and each sample is given a binary numerical value.
2. a record, tape, or compact disc made by this method. Compare analog recording.
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The company led the fast-paced movement from single-dimensional analog mixing to the multi-dimensional world of digital recording technology, recognizing audio professionals' demands for production tools that supplied superior sound quality, greater power and unrivaled versatility.
This is why the one bit of modern technology absolutely every modern teacher should use is some kind of digital recording device--many of us used older technology, such as tape recorders, for this purpose.
GarageBand 2, Apple's digital recording studio, now adds 8-track recording capabilities, as well as pitch and timing correction toots, iWork includes Pages, a sophisticated word processor/page design application, and Keynote 2, a package that creates cinema-quality presentations, portfolios, storyboards, and animated slideshows.
of Hauppauge, New York, has introduced the Kollector Pro Digital Recording System, a line of digital recording devices that use ViconNet.
This system adapted helical recording techniques that had been developed for video recording to provide digital recording at very high densities when contrasted with the linear recording techniques that had traditionally been used for digital recording.
In addition, most of the error correction codes (ECC) for helical recording are not as robust as those for longitudinal digital recording technology (e.
com/research/p67zv2/global_digital) has announced the addition of the "Global Digital Recording Music Market 2012-2016" report to their offering.
Other MIDI devices include drum machines, electronic wind-instruments (imagine playing a trumpet and hearing a violin), synthesizer modules and digital recording decks.
Magnetic recording requires larger particles to handle the longer wavelength signals used for lower density digital recording, while smaller particles better capture short wavelength signals used in higher density digital recording.
Unlike other recording devices, Sky has chosen a technology that will record the original encrypted digital signal, ensuring both the quality of the digital recording and the security of the system.
The DVMS 100 and DVMS 400 offer one-channel and four-channel digital recording to replace VCRs, while integrating with most CCTV equipment.
LONDON -- Supported primarily by the upsurge in anti-piracy initiatives, the world digital recording music market is predicted to post a CAGR of just over 12% from 2012 through to 2016.

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