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Noun1.digitalisation - the administration of digitalis for the treatment of certain heart disorders
medical aid, medical care - professional treatment for illness or injury
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The SVC Awards recognize the users, manufacturers and suppliers operating in the cloud, virtualization and storage sectors and are voted for by the readers of our wide range of print and online publications,"said Jason Holloway, Director of IT Publishing at Angel Business Communications, publishers of the Digitalisation World stable of titles.
In the European focus markets, Italy leads the way in digitalisation, Germany is on the way and the situation in Spain is still very mixed
Research by Gartner has showed that companies could spend more for analytics and digitalisation moves.
The summit is titled "It's Only The Beginning" and is focusing on the influence of digitalisation on society, the world of work, industry, mobility, art and design.
After all, the reasons that prevented previous governments from even toying with the idea of digitalisation still exist.
Only 15% to 20% of the digitalisation of radio and television broadcasting in Serbia has been completed, mainly thanks to assistance from the EU, he said.
THE TV audience rating agency TAM has suspended collection of its data for two months to help stabilise the digitalisation of cable TV services.
Basic steps of digitalisation were as follows; After fixture on base plate, medal was sprayed with penetrant in order to neutralise surface reflection.
5 million, representing a digitalisation rate of 85 per cent and leaving 2.
MBRDI's 2020 strategy is to consolidate digitalisation across the whole value chain from design to manufacturing.
Global Banking News-October 10, 2014--Barclays to hire more people as it tones down digitalisation
THE ministry of information and broadcasting ( I& B) has issued new cable TV rules under which multi- system operators ( MSOs) and local cable operators ( LCOs) can lose licences if they fail to provide data on digitalisation, which is being sought by the government.