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tr.v. dig·ni·fied, dig·ni·fy·ing, dig·ni·fies
1. To confer dignity or honor on; give distinction to: dignified him with a title.
2. To raise the status of (something unworthy or lowly); make honorable: would not dignify the insulting question with a response.

[Middle English dignifien, from Old French dignifier, from Late Latin dignificāre : Latin dignus, worthy; see dek- in Indo-European roots + Latin -ficāre, -fy.]
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Adj.1.dignifying - investing with dignity or honor; "the dignifying effect of his presence"; "the ennobling influence of cultural surroundings"
noble - having or showing or indicative of high or elevated character; "a noble spirit"; "noble deeds"
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He covers the dignifying power of design, if it can happen here, buildings that heal, shelters for the soul, spaces that enlighten, places for civic life, raising expectations, and a call to expect more.
Gender, humiliation, and global security; dignifying relationships from love, sex, and parenthood to world affairs.
The author covers neoliberalism; the spatializing of contemporary and emerging economic concerns; affective collective action; the transforming of markets; the dignifying of humans, humanity, economic transactions, and the world; and many other related subjects over the bookAEs introduction, five chapters, and conclusion.