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 (dī-grĕsh′ən, dĭ-)
1. The act of digressing.
2. An instance of digressing, especially a written or spoken passage that has no bearing on the main subject.

di·gres′sion·al adj.
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The tome is substantial, exceeding five hundred pages, and dense, bearing the circular and sometimes digressional nature of lectures written to be, and delivered as, public speech.
The film is structured around a computer game metaphor, which as Jon Kear suggests, "refers to a mode of engagement with the representation of the past that contests the ground rules of official history, one that is purposely eccentric, heterogenous, subjective, discontinuous, reflexive, and digressional" (133).
While the perma-grinning 47-year-old has knitted together a witty (if at times digressional) set there's just not quite the spontaneity or interactivity to make this feel compelling.