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dike 1

also dyke  (dīk)
a. An embankment of earth and rock built to prevent floods.
b. Chiefly British A low wall, often of sod, dividing or enclosing lands.
2. A barrier blocking a passage, especially for protection.
3. A raised causeway.
4. A ditch; a channel.
5. Geology A long mass of igneous rock that cuts across the structure of adjacent rock.
tr.v. diked, dik·ing, dikes also dyked or dyk·ing or dykes
1. To protect, enclose, or provide with a dike.
2. To drain with dikes or ditches.

[Middle English, from Old English dīc, trench; see dhīgw- in Indo-European roots, and from Old Norse dīki, ditch.]

dik′er n.

dike 2

n. Offensive Slang
Variant of dyke2.


(Civil Engineering) a person who builds dikes
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sup][14] Diker found that the origin of adenosine sensitive left VT was located near to the anterior fascicle, that is, the focus was from the endocardium and suitable for nonirrigated catheter ablation.
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