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dike 1

also dyke  (dīk)
a. An embankment of earth and rock built to prevent floods.
b. Chiefly British A low wall, often of sod, dividing or enclosing lands.
2. A barrier blocking a passage, especially for protection.
3. A raised causeway.
4. A ditch; a channel.
5. Geology A long mass of igneous rock that cuts across the structure of adjacent rock.
tr.v. diked, dik·ing, dikes also dyked or dyk·ing or dykes
1. To protect, enclose, or provide with a dike.
2. To drain with dikes or ditches.

[Middle English, from Old English dīc, trench; see dhīgw- in Indo-European roots, and from Old Norse dīki, ditch.]

dik′er n.

dike 2

n. Offensive Slang
Variant of dyke2.
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(Civil Engineering) a person who builds dikes
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