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1. A harsh, unilaterally imposed settlement with a defeated party.
2. An authoritative or dogmatic statement or decree.

[German, from Latin dictātum, from neuter past participle of dictāre, to dictate; see dictate.]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a decree or settlement imposed, esp by a ruler or a victorious nation
2. a dogmatic statement
[German: dictation, from Latin dictātum, from dictāre to dictate]



1. a harsh settlement or decree imposed unilaterally, esp. on a defeated nation.
2. any decree or authoritative statement: The Board of Education issued a diktat that all employees must report an hour earlier.
[1930–35; < German]


[dɪkˈtɑːt] Ndictado m, imposición f


[ˈdɪktæt] ndiktat m
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Summary: A worthless 'solution' that is dictated by personal interests and diktats from Israel.
Khurshid said that imposing such diktats is an insult to the National Anthem itself.
The DFM said: When Scotland set out to reform our school curriculum, a critical question was how we break free of the top-down diktats that dominated Scottish school education.
A string of Bollywood filmmakers has locked horns with censor board chief Pahlaj Nihalani over his diktats, but ace photographer-producer Atul Kasbekar says he wouldn't like Nihalani to be replaced - because he is greatly amused by him.
Il a explique que les vrais diktats sont le developpement regional, la resolution du probleme du chomage, l'amelioration de l'infrastructure routiere et la construction des hopitaux dans les regions internes.
Kevin Courtney, deputy general secretary of the National Union of Teachers said Sir Michael "had chosen to issue punitive diktats through 'inadequate' Ofsted judgments, rather than enabling schools to develop appropriate policies".
As a result, Americans won't be able to purchase medical care by simply walking into a doctor's office and writing a check to the doctor in exchange for the doctor's medical expertise, without first obeying the diktats of thousands of bureaucrats, who will be busily propagating behind their cubicle walls into tens of thousands of bureaucrats.
It encapsulates the diktats from on high which are not the strength of the Westminster elite, but rather their fundamental weakness.
THE Supreme Court has observed that fatwas issued by Muslim clerics cannot be forced upon people and the state has to protect those who are harassed for not following such diktats.
I can still understand the Khaps issuing such diktats, but a representative of the public making such a comment is unpardonable.
Police must act against anyone issuing such diktats.
Israeli human rights organizations have demanded that Defense Minister Ehud Barak cancel two new military diktats that could allow the expulsion of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, reported influential Beirut daily AN NAHAR, Tuesday.