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 (dĭl′ə-tā′tər, dī′lə-)
A dilator.
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After a sensor guide (Sensor TM Gide Wire, Boston Scientific, USA was sent to the collecting system, the tract was dilated using sequential amplatz dilators (13-30 fr, amplatz dilatator set, Boston Scientific, USA).
Traction sutures were applied at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock to fix the circular dilatator (CHEX CPH 34).
At our institution we use the modified Ciaglia technique of the PDT--Ciaglia Single Dilatator method with the TRACOE[R] experc Set vario which includes spiral reinforced tracheal cannula (TRACOE medical GmbH, Nieder-Olm, Germany).
Ust hava yolu anatomisi, uykuda ust hava yollarindaki dilatator kaslarin solunumsal degisikliklere cevabi, uyku esnasinda artmis solunum durtusune karsi uyanma egilimi, solunum kontrol sisteminin insitabilitesi ve akciger hacimlerindeki bu etkilere karsi olusan degisiklik yetisi patogenezde suclanan faktorler olarak siralanabilir (3).
In addition, intracavernosal injections with phentolamine, papaverine and alprostadil have been used successfully (80%) for improvement of erectile dysfunction by releasing higher levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate, another potent dilatator, despite undesirable side effects such as priapism and hematoma (16).
Sol internal juguler ve subklaviyen venlerin kullanilmasi, diyaliz kateterleri gibi genis lumenli kateter kullanilmasi, igne, kilavuz tel, dilatator ya da kateter ilerletilirken direncle karsilasilmasi vaskuler perforasyon acisindan risk tasimaktadir.
Cervix was grasped with a single-toothed tenaculum, and cervical dilatation was performed up to Hegar dilatator number 9.
After placing the guide wire in the tracheal lumen, the cannula was withdrawn and expanded with an 8-F dilatator. The skin and trachea were enlarged with forceps.
A valvotomy was made by the scalpel just next to the annulus but suitable size Hegar dilatator could not pass through the infundibular area, so the incision over the pulmonary artery was then extended towards the infundibular area of the right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) until an adequate enlargement was obtained.