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 (dĭl′ə-tŏm′ĭ-tər, dī′lə-)
An instrument used to measure thermal expansion and dilation in solids and liquids.

dil′a·to·met′ric (-tə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
dil′a·tom′e·try n.
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(General Physics) any instrument for measuring changes in dimension: often a glass bulb fitted with a long stopper through which a capillary tube runs, used for measuring volume changes of liquids
dilatometric adj
ˌdilatoˈmetrically adv
ˌdilaˈtometry n
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(ˌdɪl əˈtɒm ɪ tər)

a device for measuring expansion from changes in temperature in substances.
dil`a•to•met′ric (-təˈmɛ trɪk) adj.
dil`a•tom′e•try, n.
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A quite well-established method to investigate and distinguish the different damage mechanisms in toughened polymers is to study their dilatometric behavior during tensile tests [12-16].
The dilatometric curves which image the dependence of relative linear deformation of the specimens on the temperature were investigated.
The kinetics of the emulsion polymerization of the test compositions were studied by dilatometric method for measuring the volume change of the reaction mixture during polymerization.
The latter dynamic polarization responsible for a contribution into the anomalous thermal expansion can be found from dilatometric measurements.
Isothermal austenite-ferrite transformation of Fe-0.04 at.% C alloy: Dilatometric measurement and kinetic analysis, Acta Mater.
Figure 2 shows the high-temperature dilatometric curves of natural and enriched kaolin of "Sitnitsa" and "Dedovka" deposits in the temperature range of 100-1400 [degrees]C at a heating rate of 50[degrees]C/min, obtained by optical heating microscope "MISURA 0DHTHSM 1600-80".
After the calcination, the [Bi.sub.12]Ge[O.sub.20] powder was milled again for 20 min, mixed to a binder solution of polyvinyl alcohol, conformed by uniaxial pressing under 15 MPa in disks 4 mm in diameter and 2 mm thick for sintering and 8 mm thick for dilatometric analyses.
Sanchez et al., "Nanosized Si/cellulose fiber/carbon composites as high capacity anodes for lithium-ion batteries: a galvanostatic and dilatometric study, " Electrochimica Acta, vol.
Dilatometric results suggested that [A.sub.r1] temperature is shifted nearly to 770[degrees]C for used heating rates around 30[degrees]C/s.
They are arranged in sections on heat transfer, modeling and simulation, distortion and residual stresses, property predictions, quenchants and quenching, gas quenching, hardenability, cooling curve analysis methodologies, and dilatometric analysis, modeling quenching and tempering induced phase transformations in steels, predicting quench-hardness within the whole volume of axially symmetric workpieces of any shape, the gas-cooling of multiple short inline disks in flow along their axis, and the dilatometric analysis of aging in aluminum alloys.
[21] taking dilatometric and calorimetric results and concluded that the [delta]-(TiZr)N (cubic NaCl type structure) exists in a large nitrogen composition range.