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 (dĭl′ĭ-tänt′, dĭl′ĭ-tänt′, -tănt′)
n. pl. dil·et·tantes also dil·et·tan·ti (-tän′tē)
1. One who dabbles in an art or a field of knowledge.
2. Archaic A lover of the fine arts.
Superficial; amateurish.

[Italian, lover of the arts, from present participle of dilettare, to delight, from Latin dēlectāre; see delight.]

dil′et·tan′tish adj.
dil′et·tan′tism n.
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Adj.1.dilettantish - showing frivolous or superficial interest; amateurish; "his dilettantish efforts at painting"
superficial - concerned with or comprehending only what is apparent or obvious; not deep or penetrating emotionally or intellectually; "superficial similarities"; "a superficial mind"; "his thinking was superficial and fuzzy"; "superficial knowledge"; "the superficial report didn't give the true picture"; "only superficial differences"
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Lacking the required professional skill:
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that is because you are dilettantish and amateurish.
This rhetoric, Pangallo points out, has influenced scholarly discourse in the past, which has tended to erect a seemingly immutable distinction between 'professionals' and 'amateurs' and dismiss the contributions of the latter as dilettantish, vainglorious, or just plain bad.
The poem's speaker critiques a dilettantish mama's boy for his passing and dispassionate interest in various artistic modes, as well as for depending on the labor, money, and care of his mother well into adulthood:
In Tristan, set in a sanatorium, a dilettantish aesthete encourages another patient with whom he has become fascinated, Gabriele, to play Wagner's music on the piano--ignoring her doctor's instruction to avoid music lest she over-exert herself.
The agitated mark-making of Julie Mehretu's Epigraph, Damascus, 2016, a six-panel photogravure work on paper that includes architectural motifs from the war-wracked Syrian capital, was effectively paired with Rashid Johnson's Untitled Anxious Drawing, 2016, an expressionist oil-on-paper figure study that skitters between dilettantish statement and deeply existential gesture.
In his 1824 History of the Latin and German Peoples, Ranke states that the historian must always aspire to 'show the past as it really was,' which meant the author restricting themselves exclusively to the 'facts,' whilst purging historical writing of all dilettantish and extrinsic facets.
Mueller's own storytelling was imperfect, personal, and even dilettantish. She practiced what the artist Anne Turyn, in her EDGEWISE testimony, calls "downtown writing" or "plastic writing." Turyn was an early admirer of plastic writing and published Mueller's first book, How To Get Rid Of Pimples (1984), in her chapbook series, Top Stories, which also included works by Laurie Anderson and Kathy Acker.
Yet FitzGerald cultivated not only his own character as dilettantish but Khayyam's as well; his version of the historical Khayyam is the ideal amateur, one who did not seek "title or office" from a visit to the Vizier but instead committed himself to the indiscriminate endeavor of "winning knowledge of every kind." Indeed, FitzGerald suggests, "Perhaps he liked a little Farming too" and may have "at one time exercised [the tent-making] trade" (pp.
America's dilettantish approach to national security is unique among modern states.
According to Konashenkov, "the allegations published by the British newspaper the Times on the matter are either dilettantish farce or an awkward attempt to provide a media cover-up for pulling in large number of Turkish troops to the Syrian border next to Al-Qamishli area."
The public had undoubtedly ordained Davy a genius, yet his sometimes dilettantish practice seemed to work against the very disciplinary justifications that followed from his discoveries.
On the contrary, a significant part of the IAHL came from professional accountants, public servants, high school teachers, priests, all animated by a dilettantish interest in historical matters.