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n. pl. dil·lies Slang
One that is remarkable or extraordinary, as in size or quality: had a dilly of a fight.

[Obsolete dilly, delightful, shortening and alteration of delightful.]


n, pl -lies
slang chiefly US and Canadian a person or thing that is remarkable
[C20: perhaps from girl's proper name Dilly]


adj, -lier or -liest
slang Austral and NZ silly
[C20: perhaps from silly]


(ˈdɪl i)

n., pl. -lies. Informal.
something or someone regarded as remarkable or unusual.
[1930–35; Amer.; earlier as adj.: wonderful]


[ˈdɪlɪ] N (US) she's a dilly (= girl) → está muy bien
it's a dilly (= problem) → es un rompecabezas
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Crab pots and dillies must be marked by an identifying tag showing the owners name and address.
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So how big of a deal is it that magician Lyn Dillies will be receiving the 2009 Merlin award for best female illusionist at her performance Sunday at the Hanover Theatre?
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