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A medium-sized carnivorous theropod dinosaur of the genus Dilophosaurus of the Jurassic Period, characterized by a pair of crests on the head.

[New Latin Dilophosaurus, genus name : Greek di-, two; see di-1 + Greek lophos, crest of a helmet + Greek sauros, lizard.]
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More than 30 different dinosaurs - including a T-Rex, Diplodocus, and Dilophosaurus - have been carefully recreated in stunning detail.
Among those set to make Bristol Zoo their home will be a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dilophosaurus and Giganotosaurus, one of the largest dinosaurs that ever lived
Located at Singapore Zoo and River Safari, the attraction features life-like dinosaurs that roar and move; the dilophosaurus even spits.
When Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) meets his sticky end in the first film, for instance, there's no scientific support for his dilophosaurus dispatcher having a frilled neck, nor the ability to spit toxic goo.
bulldozed bedrock to find a floodplain of Dilophosaurus tracks.
A HUGE giganotosaurus, a dilophosaurus and a brachiosaurus are new arrivals at Chester Zoo - as keepers turn back the clock more than 250 million years.
These include the curious Dilophosaurus, fearsome Gorgonops and two of the biggest, towering at eight metres tall, the Apatosaurus (25 metres long) and Argentinosaurus (30 metres).
My dilophosaurus has hatched on my Jurassic Park game.
Six models are on offer: a Tyrannosaurus rex, a Velociraptor, a Dilophosaurus, a Triceratops, a Gallimimus and a Compsognathus.
Our second image is from 1975 and shows museum staff setting up their replica of a dilophosaurus.
There's a Tyrannosaurus Rex, megalosaurus and dilophosaurus, which burst into life every hour and shower you with water if you happen to be standing in the wrong place.
Se dividen en: Coelophysidae, mas antiguos, con grandes cabezas en forma de cuna y garras en las manos--como el Coelophysis, Syntarsus, Halticosaurus, Procompsognathus, Saltopus y el Segisaurus--, y Dilophosauridae, como el Dilophosaurus, el Dracovenator y el Zupaysaurus.