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 (dĭ-mĕn′shən, dī-)
1. A measure of spatial extent, especially width, height, or length.
2. often dimensions Extent or magnitude; scope: a problem of alarming dimensions.
3. Aspect; element: "He's a good newsman, and he has that extra dimension" (William S. Paley).
4. Mathematics
a. The least number of independent coordinates required to specify uniquely the points in a space.
b. The range of such a coordinate.
5. Physics A physical property, such as mass, distance, time, or a combination thereof, regarded as a fundamental measure of a physical quantity: Velocity has the dimension of distance divided by time.
6. A realm of existence, as in a work of fiction, that is physically separate from another such realm: "Although it tells a grounded, political story free from aliens and alternate dimensions, the film remains packed to the brim with iconic ... characters." (Conner Schwerdtfeger).
tr.v. di·men·sioned, di·men·sion·ing, di·men·sions
1. To cut or shape to specified dimensions.
2. To mark with specified dimensions.

[Middle English dimensioun, from Latin dīmēnsiō, dīmēnsiōn-, extent, from dīmēnsus, past participle of dīmētīrī, to measure out : dī-, dis-, dis- + mētīrī, to measure; see mē- in Indo-European roots.]

di·men′sion·al adj.
di·men′sion·al′i·ty (-shə-năl′ĭ-tē) n.
di·men′sion·al·ly adv.
di·men′sion·less adj.
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Noun1.dimensionality - the spatial property of having dimensions; "all matter has dimensionality"
spatial property, spatiality - any property relating to or occupying space
linearity, one-dimensionality - the property of having one dimension
flatness, planeness, two-dimensionality - the property of having two dimensions
third-dimensionality, three-dimensionality - the property of having three dimensions
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And even as we, who are now in Space, look down on Flatland and see the insides of all things, so of a certainty there is yet above us some higher, purer region, whither thou dost surely purpose to lead me -- O Thou Whom I shall always call, everywhere and in all Dimensions, my Priest, Philosopher, and Friend -- some yet more spacious Space, some more dimensionable Dimensionality, from the vantage-ground of which we shall look down together upon the revealed insides of Solid things, and where thine own intestines, and those of thy kindred Spheres, will lie exposed to the view of the poor wandering exile from Flatland, to whom so much has already been vouchsafed.
To further verify the performance of MNMDP, the comparative classification results of the competing methods on FKP are reported in Figure 6 with varying the reduced dimensionality from 5 to 100 in Step 5.
However, in higher dimensional feature spaces, their performance and efficiency deteriorate to a greater extent due to the high dimensionality [16].
Real-world data, such as speech signals, digital photographs, or fMRI scans, usually has a high dimensionality. In order to handle such real-world data adequately, its dimensionality needs to be reduced.
Nowadays, the emergence of the big-data issue has resulted in specific attention on size reduction and also dimensionality reduction to save time and memory usage.
Attributes of the variable, such as name, type and dimensionality, are specified in the XML, along with the desired I/O plugin.
One of the issues in automatic speech recognition as well as in pattern recognition is the dimensionality of the feature space.
The dimensionality will be very high if we form the feature vector pixel by pixel from the original ROI image.
Envelo provides an expansive sound field that creates a richer, more immersive audio experience by widening the sound and adding depth and dimensionality.
Euclide's go to themes and devices--surreal three dimensionality, reimagined landscapes, a penchant for recycling garbage, packaging materials and organic matter--riff on the notions of transformation, birth, remote US states, and the yin yang of growth and decay.
The first challenge is to find the optimum dimensionality reduction technique that produces meaningful visualization.
The future of post-human geometry; a preface to a new theory of infinity, symmetry, and dimensionality.