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a. Verse written in lines of two metrical feet.
b. A single line of such verse.
a. Classical quantitative verse consisting of two measures of two feet each, especially in iambic, trochaic, or anapestic meter.
b. A single line of such verse.

[Late Latin dimeter, dimetrus, having two verses, from Greek dimetros : di-, two; see di-1 + metron, meter; see meter1.]


(Poetry) prosody a line of verse consisting of two metrical feet or a verse written in this metre


(ˈdɪm ɪ tər)

a verse or line of two measures or feet.
[1580–90; < Late Latin < Greek dímetros of two measures, a dimeter =di- di-1 + -metros, adj. derivative of métron meter1]
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Main features: Lot 1: PVC pipe CR 16 diameter 200: 625 ml manhole dimeter 1000: 14 units Lot 2: height fixtures 8 m: 19 cables units 4 x 10A: 135 ml cables 4 x 16A: 700 ml cables 4 x 29A: 835 ml diameter cast iron pipe 150: 535 ml diameter sheaths PVC 42/45: 1900 ml HDPE ducts diameter 32 x 40: 1270 ml Lot 3: shrubs: 6900 stems trees units: 31 units.
The following table represents the distribution of uru- in cadences of dimeter verse: the second column shows number of occurrences after -VC; the third column number of occurrences after -VC.
As a word of alliterative Is in trochaic dimeter, melancholy seems genetically destined for double duty: melano (black); and (though not philologically accurate) mel (sweet), in alliance with melody.
Depending on which of the five published versions one considers, the poem contains three or four stanzas, each of different lengths, with the dimeter of the opening stanzas yielding to the monometer of the final stanza.
Cheevy" has some of that but shows him at his most inventive as well; the cross-rhyming quatrains run at tetrameters for three lines before coming to a clunking halt in the dimeter fourth line.
In place of the thirty-one lines of anapaestic dimeter of the Latin, Studley has thirty-seven lines rhyming in the pattern ababcdcd.
Draping poems across the page in eye-challenging formal shapes or compressing them into taut dimeter or trimeter, embracing the prose poem or bulking up with long Whitmanesque lines does not conceal the essential voice of the poem.
The echoic and trochaic dimeter "widow Dido" has a chantlike effect on the ear, like the nonsense syllables of some songs, and as such it is apt for the magical, dreamlike island of The Tempest, as well as the mythical and tragic setting of Dido's abandonment by Aeneas.
These two cell types are herein referred to as narrow tracheary elements to distinguish them from the larger dimeter vessel members.
There is no rhythmical necessity for forcing continuation here, since the last three words fall into a perfectly normal iambic dimeter.
They are broken across the genre of the skinny free verse poem with its base of dimeter lines:
Each PWB had five replicates of each BGA design, and all microvias were 100-micron dimeter and 60 micron deep.