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An organophosphate chemical, C5H12NO3PS2, used as an insecticide.

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a toxic greyish-white crystalline compound used as an insecticide
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In a comparative study of Cyfluthrin, Dimethoate, H-34 (neem fraction), Margosan-O, Nimolicine, and DDVP (organophosphate) on Musca domestica observed that OP pesticides were found more lethal than Pyrethroids and neem fractions, the order of effectiveness was found to be DDVP > dimethoate>Cyfluthrin> Margosan-OTM> nimolicine > H-34 [22].
madeirensis has been controlled by insecticides such as profenophos, chlorpyriphos, buprofezin, dimethoate, imidacloprid, dinotefuran, thiamethoxam, and tau-fluvalinate, among others (Willmott & Cloyd 2013).
At the moment I'm doing a series about cherries, because there is a fly that arrived from Japan that hatches eggs in cherries, and until now, farmers had a product called dimethoate, and the government had what I find to be a rather positive reaction in saying that we will ban dimethoate but also the importation into France of cherries from every country that still allows dimethoate, so it's a protectionist measure as we understand it, which institutes a certain reciprocity.
Aphids can be controlled by timely application of insecticides such as Dimethoate, Cartap hydrochloride, Malathion and Thiometoxam.
Three preventative dimethoate or sulfur applications in soluble powder at two to three weeks intervals are recommended in Thailand (Waite and Hwang 2002).
Protective effect of vitamin E in dimethoate and malathion induced oxidative stress in rat erythrocytes.
Comparative effects of dimethoate and deltamethrin on reproductive system in male mice.
Percentage % Chlorpyrifos 13 26 Dichlorvos 12 24 Quinalphos 7 14 Methyl Parathion 4 8 Monocrotophos 3 6 Parathion 3 6 Phorate 3 6 Dimethoate 2 4 Diazinon 1 2 Pantothenate 1 2 Profenofos 1 2 Table 3.
"Our inquiries in villages and tea factories near Sebitoli revealed use of eight pesticides (glyphosate, cypermethrin, profenofos, mancozeb, metalaxyl, dimethoate, chlorpyrifos and 2,4-D amine)," the study read.
OPPs (profenofos, malathio, pirimiphos-methyle and dimethoate) were not detected in any milk sample.