1. diminish.
2. diminuendo.
3. diminutive.
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Sea To Table owner Sean Dimin stressed that his suppliers are prohibited from sending imports to customers and added violators would be terminated.
Temenggong for the Bidayuhs in Kuching, Austin Dimin, reportedly said that both the MPs are young and highly educated, and hence fit the profile sought by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
[38.] Yatim, N.M., Shaaban, A., Dimin, M.F., and Yusof, F., "Statistical Evaluation of the Production of Urea Fertilizer-Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes using Plackett Burman Experimental Design," Procedia - Soc.
I haven't slept Last month, an appeal court cut his murder conviction to man- slaughter due to dimin ished responsibility caused by combat stress.
of lymph, s: no, yes 5 By pass: no, yes 6 Extravasates: no, yes 7 Regeneration of: no, yes 8 Early uptake in: no, yes 9 Lym.nodes dimin: 0-3 10 Lym.nodes enlar: 1-4 11 Changes in lym.: bean, oval, round 12 Defect in node: no, lacunar, lac.
The Royaumont manuscript instructs poco a poco dimin. et rall.
Microvascular barrier disruption with edema and dimin ished perfusion occurs as a result of the neutrophil adhesion, clot formation, and emigration of neutrophils to the extravascular compartment, a process linked to increased expression of adhesion molecules [8, 11].
Das Wepsische kennt die Puppe als mucak und das Adjektiv mucu, (dimin. mucuine, mucune) 'klein' ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1972 : 332).