diminished capacity

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di·min·ished capacity

A reduced capacity, caused by mental illness, intoxication, or some other cause, that prevented a person accused of an illegal act from formulating the full intent necessary for the most serious offense with which he or she is charged. Also called diminished responsibility.
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"Although frequently confused, NGRI and diminished capacity are very different defenses," Powell wrote.
However, as last week's debut of new spin-off show Baptiste revealed, he'd made it out the other side; even if, as Julien himself admitted several times, 'I'm not the man I once was.' Diminished capacity aside, he still agreed to the invitation to help Edward Stratton, a panic-attack prone businessman played by Tom Hollander, in searching for his lost niece in Amsterdam's seedy Red Light District.
This drop in investment has resulted in diminished capacity, which means that any spike in global demand could result in a corresponding price spike.
ALLN-346 is targeted to lower serum uric acid in patients with CKD, who have decreased renal function and diminished capacity for urinary excretion of uric acid.
Sossion has diminished capacity and this grossly violates Section 26-1 of the Leadership and Integrity Act, they said.
* Almost all (94%) of the BDs had a formal process to internally report concerns regarding diminished capacity and/or elder financial abuse.
Technology is moving so quickly and it may be more difficult for seniors to absorb these advances, including the associated risks, and unfortunately, some seniors will experience some diminished capacity at some point in their life.
adults with diminished capacity. An impairment is considered a temporary condition that reduces decision making capability through substance abuse or other conditions.
The workgroup will examine judicial procedures and best practices pertaining to guardianship to ensure that courts are best protecting the person, property, and rights of individuals who have been judged to be incapacitated and persons who may have diminished capacity to function independently.
Fariq may have tried to turn the plane back but failed due to his diminished capacity.