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(Biology) either of two forms of a substance that exhibits dimorphism


(ˈdaɪ mɔrf)

either of the two forms assumed by a mineral or other chemical substance exhibiting dimorphism.
[< Greek dímorphos having two shapes; see di-1, -morph]
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is the most sexually dimorph species within this genus as can be seen from the rather long description of the female and that the male and female are separated in the identification key.
13],Cl the trigonal dimorph of boracite, was originally identified at the Boulby mine as ericaite.
Marcasite is the mineral dimorph of pyrite, sharing the same chemical composition of Fe[S.
4, 4a-b, 5) appear to be similar to Jacob's less obese dimorph, which has an height-width ratio of about 1.
Bandy (1944) reported a rhombohedral dimorph of monazite which might be a new mineral, or which might be rhabdophane.
It has not been determined whether the feldspar is microcline, its dimorph orthoclase, or sanidine.
These are among the world's best specimens of the rare zinc sulfide (a dimorph of sphalerite), having crystals quite different in form, and generally quite a bit more lustrous, than in most old Bolivian wurtzites.
Relationship to other species: It is the monoclinic dimorph of barylite (orthorhombic).
These include ceruleite, olivenite, mansfieldite, relatively large amounts of the rare mineral lammerite, and pale blue, platy crystalline masses of the new mineral lemanskiite (the tetragonal dimorph of lavendulan).
Relationship to other species: It is a dimorph of gerhardtite (orthorhombic).