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 (dī-môr′fĭk) also di·mor·phous (-fəs)
Existing or occurring in two distinct forms; exhibiting dimorphism: a dimorphic crystal; dimorphic organisms.


(daɪˈmɔr fəs)

also di•mor′phic,

exhibiting dimorphism.
[1825–35; < Greek dímorphos. See dimorph, -ous]
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Adj.1.dimorphous - occurring or existing in two different forms; "dimorphic crystals"; "dimorphous organisms"
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In 2008 was surpassed by indeterminate form (0-8/10000), in 2009, also by tuberculoid clinical form (clinical form of containment of bacterial multiplication), and dimorphous disease (unstable form of the disease interspersed between tuberculoid and Virchowian form), both with equal values ratio (0-6/10000).
No significant differences (p > 0.05) were found for dimorphous disease (Table 2).
Scenedesmus dimorphous and Scenedesmus quadricauda: two potent indigenous microalgae strains for biomass production and CO2 mitigation- A study on their growth behavior and lipid productivity under concentration of urea as nitrogen source.
Remarks on the morphology and anatomy of the dimorphous leaves of Marcgravia umbellata Jacq.
Out of her navel lint (she is actually sexually dimorphous) Ina Lua moulds a first woman and first man.