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Eight years, it turns out, was a proper interval to make this historic look back sing--revisiting that strange, relatively tiny window where hanging and dimpled chad (which is, oddly, the plural of chad) were all the rage.
Gainesville's Acrosstown Repertory Theatre's amateur actors portrayed city residents during decades when Florida voting controversies weren't about dimpled chad, but centered on the rights of newly freed slaves and, later, on the question of women's suffrage.
Bush would actually have gained votes if the [in]famous "dimpled chad" ballots were not included, the Herald reports.
The vocabulary of average Americans expanded to include new terms like dimpled chad, butterfly ballot and Votomatic.
Should a county canvassing board count or not count a 'dimpled chad'?
Hanging, crumpled, trampled, fumbled, harried, humbled, dimpled Chad.
The election of 2000 exposed a structural problem more serious than any butterfly ballot, faulty vote-a-matic machine, or dimpled chad. More and more Americans feel as though national politics is irrelevant to their lives.
The lost battle over the "dimpled chad" - a ballot paper which the counting machine failed to perforate fully - meant this was the first-ever presidential election in which the voters didn't decide who won.
Or what the chad, the pregnant chad, the dimpled chad, the ugly chad, means.
A Palm Beach judge said officials must consider the dimpled chad ballots.
Congress correctly determined in the wake of the Florida fiasco during the 2000 election that Americans had to have a HAVA to avoid another close encounter with hanging, pregnant or dimpled chad. The act allocated $470,000 to Lane County toward the purchase of a $540,000 optical scan ballot system to replace the chad-producing punchcard ballots.
Furthermore, the fact that anyone would ever want to count a dimpled chad as a legitimate vote disturbs me greatly.