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A stupid person.

dim′wit′ted adj.
dim′wit′ted·ly adv.
dim′wit′ted·ness n.
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Slang. Lacking in intelligence:
Informal: thick.
Slang: dopey.
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The first movie was dimwitted and this is no different.
MI6's top assassin Sebastian (Mark Strong) has a brother Nobby (Sacha Baron Cohen), a slightly dimwitted English football hooligan.
50pm, ITV2 An overly zealous, by-the-book London policeman is reassigned to a sleepy country village where the crime rate is virtually zero, and teamed up with an eager but dimwitted partner.
50pm, Film4 A well-intentioned but dimwitted bouncer (Seann William Scott), labelled as an outcast by his family, battles against the odds as he attempts to lead an underperforming minor league ice hockey team all the way to glory, despite a lack of any hockey-playing ability.
DIMWITTED Trigger from Only Fools And Horses finally has a claim to fame - he's the owner of Britain's favourite nickname.
7 Which sitcom has featured a slovenly pub landlord called Les, succeeded by the dimwitted Ken?
The production spins a hilarious farce with sentimental pirates, bumbling policemen, dimwitted lovers, dewy-eyed daughters and an eccentric major general, all morally bound by often ridiculous demands of honour and duty.
The eponymous hero is a police sniffer dog who inadvertently falls into the clutches of maniacal Dr Simon Barsinister and his dimwitted lackey Cad.
Let's face it, does anyone who's not actually dimwitted believe Jesus looked more like the Nordic Robert Powell in that movie than the Arabic bin Laden?
Frink: It should be obvious to even the most dimwitted individual who holds an advanced degree in hyperbolic topology that Homer Simpson has stumbled into the third dimension.
Captured with his dimwitted younger sibling Mike (Richard Wilson), Charlie is given the option to go find the escaped leader of their gang, Arthur Burns (Danny Huston), and kill him in exchange for his own and Mike's release.
And since the ads that have the most appeal to young people seem to be those that have the least to do with the product--the dimwitted prankster in somebody's beer pitch, for example--this development could presage a Dark Age of ads where no one can figure out what is actually being marketed.