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din·gy 1

adj. din·gi·er, din·gi·est
1. Darkened with smoke or grime.
2. Shabby, drab, or squalid.

[Possibly from Middle English dinge, dung, variant of dung; see dung.]

din′gi·ly adv.
din′gi·ness n.

ding·y 2

adj. Slang
Mentally deranged; crazy.

[ding + -y.]
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Adv.1.dingily - in a dingy manner
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Hayward led them into a large, long room, dingily magnificent, with huge pictures on the walls of nude women: they were vast allegories of the school of Haydon; but smoke, gas, and the London atmosphere had given them a richness which made them look like old masters.
'Pancks the gipsy,' he observed out of breath, 'fortune-telling.' He stood dingily smiling, and breathing hard at them, with a most curious air; as if, instead of being his proprietor's grubber, he were the triumphant proprietor of the Marshalsea, the Marshal, all the turnkeys, and all the Collegians.
On a weekday the folk were dingily and curiously hung about with dirty rags of housecloth and scarlet flannel, sacking, curtain serge, and patches of old carpet, and went either bare-footed or on rude wooden sandals.