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n. Informal
1. Something whose name is unknown or forgotten.
2. A person regarded as stupid.
3. Vulgar Slang The penis.

[Dutch dinges, whatchamacallit, from German Dings, from Middle High German dinges, genitive of dinc, thing, from Old High German ding, thing, assembly, case, thing.]


US someone or something whose name is either unknown or forgotten


(ˈdɪŋ əs)

n., pl. -us•es. Informal.
a gadget, device, or object whose name is unknown or forgotten.
[1870–75; < Dutch dinges or its source, German Dinges, probably orig. genitive, with partitive value, of Ding thing1]
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Although there has been a trend toward addressing critical issues of diversity and multiculturalism in teacher education courses, many scholars have documented this effort to be artificial (Dixson & Dingus, 2007; Evans-Winters & Hoff, 2011; Williams & Evans-Winters, 2005).
They first met at a local bar&nbsp;called Dingus Magee's in the fall of 1998, according to an article in (https://countryfancast.
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28h per night according to the HOS regulations in the United States (Hanowski, Hickman, Fumero, Olson, and Dingus, 2007).
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As Edward the Confessor said, "sit quilibet homo dingus venatione sua, in sylva, et in agris, sibi propiis, et in domino suo.
The map is "revealing new information about nature's particle accelerators," Brenda Dingus, a leader of the HAWC collaboration, said April 18.
Health insurance and health savings accounts can be complex and difficult to navigate, but the HealthEquity marketing team has taken this dry and complicated subject matter and given it a fun and approachable personality The team has done so by creating interesting, out-of-the-box ways to communicate benefits information," says Cody Dingus, vice president of marketing for HealthEquity.
The highlight of John's weekend was seeing the band Dingus Kahn, who possibly provided the image of the weekend.