dining-room table

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Noun1.dining-room table - dining-room furniture consisting of a table on which meals can be served
dining room, dining-room - a room used for dining
dining-room furniture - furniture intended for use in a dining room
dining table, board - a table at which meals are served; "he helped her clear the dining table"; "a feast was spread upon the board"
References in classic literature ?
For two days I sat at the dining-room table, pasting this book full of pictures for Yulka.
The vessel is as steady as a house, and the swing-table we are eating our breakfast on is as even as your dining-room table at home.
As a rule, there was food for whites and blacks, but inside the house, and on the dining-room table, there was wanting that delicacy and refinement of touch and finish which can make a home the most convenient, comfortable, and attractive place in the world.
And then I open a little green book, and the birds are singing, the stars shining, the flowers twinkling--" She looked about her as if these presences had suddenly manifested themselves round her dining-room table.
She held it with both hands, afraid that she might drop it, and carrying it to the dining-room table set it down slowly, looking at him.
The servants were called in, the dining-room tables wheeled away, the lights otherwise disposed, the chairs placed in a semicircle opposite the arch.
The trophy is at home on the dining-room table and the medal is in his room with all his other medals.
In the fantastical illustrations by Eugenie Fernandes, the oak tree from which the dining-room table was rendered now grows from the center of said table.
When the prayers stopped, Lisa, Kenny, and five other young children stood at the dining-room table, which had been covered with three wide swaths of fabric, one red, one green, and one black, upon which were a basketful of fruit, another basket with many ears of corn, as well as the other symbols of Kwanzaa.
In the winter, the engines, people and wooden buildings come inside for a little refurbishing as Debbie turns their dining-room table into a restoration workshop.