n.1.a large room at a college or university, used especially for dining.
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Tenders are invited for Maintenance of staff quarters I at SFTI, Arippa, Maintenance of staff quarters IV at Arippa, Providing hand washing platform near Dining Hall at Vanarani Hostel, SFTI, Arippa, Maintenance of kitchen at Forestry-Training Institute, Arippa, Maintenance of Dininghall at Forestry Training Institute, Arippa, Maintenance of vehicle shed of Forestry Training Institute, Arippa, Providing weld mesh grill works at the open portion of seminar hall at Forestry Training Institute, Arippa, Maintenance of Forester Quarters at Arippa, Maintenance of Badminton court at Forestry Training Institute.
The twin peaks of the dininghall roof will not only echo the strong gable rhythm set by the existing building but also frame and echo the breathtaking views of the Clwydian Range," they say.
A panelled door with box lock and key opens to the mai staircase from the dininghall and up to a first floor study with cast iron grate, oak cupboard and shelving.