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 (dĭn′kəm) Australian
Genuine; real.
Honestly; truly.

[Originally Australian dialectal, fair share of work, from English dialectal (Lincolnshire and Derbyshire) dincum, dinkum, work; perhaps akin to English dialectal (Gloucestershire) ding, to work, perhaps from Middle English ding, to work, perhaps from Middle English dingen, to strike, hammer, thresh; see ding2.]


1. genuine or right: a dinkum bloke.
2. fair dinkum genuine or true: used to emphasize the truth of something or in asking for the truth of something to be confirmed: Back to the states? Fair dinkum?.
3. dinkum oil archaic the truth
[C19: from English dialect: work, of unknown origin]


(ˈdɪŋ kəm)

adj. Australian.
genuine; authentic.
[1890–95; of obscure orig.]
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adjective (Austral. & N.Z. informal) genuine, honest, natural, frank, sincere, candid, upfront (informal), artless, guileless He was a fair dinkum bloke with no pretensions.


(Austral inf)
adjecht; a (fair) dinkum Aussieein waschechter Australier, eine waschechte Australierin
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Others of note among a classy entry of 15 are Mick Easterby's Aetna, who won a Listed race on Town Moor on the final day of last season, Marco Botti's Naadirr, Richard Fahey's Heaven's Guest and David Elsworth's Justice Day, while Dinkum Diamond seeks a repeat.
Dinkum Diamond would perhaps not want too much more rain, but is clearly suited by the conditions of this race judged by his convincing success in last year''s renewal.
Fresh Shakes from Dinkum Products is the leading branded thickshake concept.
Developed by Dinkum Products, the shakes have been sold ready-made in foodservice but have been recreated for retail because of rising demand for thicker milk drinks, said Ken Richards, MD.
He is remembered by colleagues as having been 'a fair dinkum soldier, and a good instructor'.
When asked about the reaction to possible demands for heavy reduction targets in some sensitive areas such as energy, water and footprint impacts, he said 'We're dinkum about getting this right.
In order to turn this thing around, Iraq has to - in a totally genuine, transparent, fair dinkum, open fashion - co-operate"
But it means something, especially when there's also an entry in, ahem, Dinkum Aussies, no Danish entry that I could find and nothing from Majorca where the great man now lives.
Steve: Every scene in the movie with snakes and crocs is fair dinkum, mate.
Dale Blair, Dinkum Diggers: an Australian battalion at war, Melbourne University Press, Carlton, Victoria, 2001, ix + 246 pp.
ABS and 11 European indices and performance metrics, as well as the Australian RMBS Dinkum Index and the Mexican RMBS Performance Update.
Hoof It is a former winner of the Stewards' Cup, Toofi, Rivellino and Dinkum Diamond filled the minor honours in this year's Stewards' Cup, and Golden Steps landed the Goodwood consolation race.