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Noun1.dinner bell - a bell rung to announce that dinner has been serveddinner bell - a bell rung to announce that dinner has been served
bell - a hollow device made of metal that makes a ringing sound when struck
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Here the dinner bell interrupted a conversation which had wrought such an effect on Sophia, that she was, perhaps, more obliged to her bleeding in the morning, than she, at the time, had apprehended she should be.
While this attack lasted, the family lived in constant fear of a conflagration, for the odor of burning wood pervaded the house at all hours, smoke issued from attic and shed with alarming frequency, red-hot pokers lay about promiscuously, and Hannah never went to bed without a pail of water and the dinner bell at her door in case of fire.
My own room was the best place for me till the dinner bell rang.
Like answering a dinner bell, a black bear sow and her two nearly grown cubs came racing over the far ridge to claim Nate's deer.
Big tarpon, snook, bluefish, sharks, pompano, jacks, ladyfish and Spanish mackerel will shadow the mullet schools often holding them along the beach shoreline and when the dinner bell rings you won't want to miss the feeding frenzy that always takes place.
Gates open at 5:00PM, dinner bell rings at 6:30PM and the shows follow.
Of course, it is nothing new to mourn the dead in music and I can remember in schooldays at Neath Grammar, a gentle, instructive lesson on the funeral Mass given by music master John Hopkin Jones, who that day sat with fingers poised over the piano keyboard ready to illustrate the solemnity of the great Mass in B Minor, then the St Matthew Passion and every other Requiem he could fit in before the dinner bell rang.
While there are certainly merits to not rushing a nice rack of ribs while the dinner bell rings, there aren't any when your defence minister gets it in his head to be serene and spasm-free in the face of good advice, particularly when it comes to this country's veterans.
Also cruising the shallows is a hungry killer that, after injuring the girl's leg, decides the dinner bell has been rung.
The 19th century scientist discovered he could get his pooch to drool at the sound of a dinner bell because it knew grub was on the way.
In this case, when a male harlequin bug finds food, he releases an aggregation pheromone to alert others to aggregate, or gather, and feast-like ringing the dinner bell.
SUPERNANNY Jan Wesson was set to ring the dinner bell for the last time after more than two decades at a Stockton school.