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Noun1.dinner napkin - a large napkin used when dinner is serveddinner napkin - a large napkin used when dinner is served
napkin, serviette, table napkin - a small piece of table linen that is used to wipe the mouth and to cover the lap in order to protect clothing
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You were very near doing as he did, putting your dinner napkin in your portfolio, and wiping your mouth with your papers.
A white, slightly used dinner napkin with the words 'Let's Mobilize' written at the top in Murray's handwriting.
You will need: Square cloth or paper dinner napkin, measuring at least 17 x 17 inches
Entering the lavish Fairmont Hotel, one of the three so-called Flame Towers that set the new Baku skyline afire with thousands of exterior LED lights, was like stepping into a James Bond film: as a tight string ensemble wrapped the hotel's dining hall with sweet, sad lines reminiscent of a Frank Sinatra ballad, a waiter clad in a gold vest insisted on laying a cloth dinner napkin on my lap - much to the discomfort of this small-city boy.
After doctors refused to turn off the pacemaker that had kept his heart pumping long after he "no longer understood the purpose of a dinner napkin" Butler enlisted the help of palliative care advocates and bioethics specialists.
Kerr says: "While linen is lovely, it will make you look like a crumpled dinner napkin on camera.
It appeared in this space in the late 1970s, and if memory serves was titled "Anatomy of a Handgun Accident." Required at a warm-up for an upcoming International Practical Shooting Confederation National Championship to draw weak-hand-only from under a dinner napkin, and lacking an ambi safety on my Colt, I had lowered the hammer on a live round.
"People always joke that I'm the type of guy who writes new ideas down on a dinner napkin," Rhylander said.
Lennie had a background in archery retail and with nothing more than a contract written on the back of a dinner napkin, he quit his job and went to work for Game Tracker determined to fulfill Bob's vision.
There are moments of sly wit, too: Herodias can be seen drinking quite alone at the dining table until her entrance halfway through the opera (at one point she has a dinner napkin over her head); when five Jews have a cacophonous argument about who was the last person who saw God, Wilde covers his ears with his hands.
They were exploring math problems on a dinner napkin. To my left was Andrei--he was talking about The Simpsons.
But I recommend an afternoon with elegant social hostess Maureen - learning to tie a jaunty silk scark or fold a dinner napkin. My microwave meals for one have been transformed now that I can turn a sheet of kitchen roll into a flower.