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 (dī′ə-răm′ə, -rä′mə)
1. A three-dimensional miniature or life-size scene in which figures, stuffed wildlife, or other objects are arranged in a naturalistic setting against a painted background.
2. A scene reproduced on cloth transparencies with various lights shining through the cloths to produce changes in effect, intended for viewing at a distance through an aperture.

[French, blend of dia-, through (from Greek; see dia-) and panorama, panorama (from English; see panorama).]

di′o·ram′ic (-răm′ĭk) adj.
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In pursuance of its objectives, Lok Virsa has established the first ethnological museum in Pakistan, known as 'Heritage Museum', which depicts the living cultural traditions and lifestyles of the people of Pakistan covering all regions and provinces, presented through three-dimensional dioramic manner, said an official of Lok Virsa.
In total, the dioramic displays with running trains contain more than 3.5 million Lego pieces.
extended screeds of dioramic arrangements and rearrangements of a
This game is all about getting a little robot through a set of fifty dioramic puzzles.
They made their drawings focusing on the dioramic displays at the Heritage Museum.
Upstairs, a large installation involving two projectors, glass, natural materials, a glass cylinder full of water and a linen modesty screen, creates a dioramic view of a garden, and a skyscape complete with a rainbow.
You brought artist Steve Somers aboard not only to do the cover for Contorted Dioramic Palette to illustrate the songs.
The old Michigan Central Railway repair shop houses a number of fascinating locomotives and unusual rolling stock as well as the 'History in Motion' dioramic railway display.
Now anything goes--videos, dioramic vitrines, displays of digital photographs, found objects and live performances.