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 (dĭf-thîr′ē-ə, dĭp-)
An acute infectious disease caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheriae, which infects mucous membranes of the throat, causing formation of a thick layer called the false membrane that can obstruct breathing, and producing a potent toxin that enters the bloodstream and causes systemic effects that include damage to the heart and nervous system.

[New Latin diphthēria, from French diphthérie, from Greek diphtherā, piece of hide, leather; see letter.]

diph′the·rit′ic (-thə-rĭt′ĭk), diph·ther′ic (-thĕr′ĭk), diph·the′ri·al adj.
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T waves inversion and ST segment shifts are considered the earliest and commonest ECG finding of diphtheritic myocarditis.
Diphtheria is an acute, communicable disease with overall fatality rate as high as 20-30% in toxic forms up to 70% in diphtheritic myocarditis.
Diphtheritic stomatitis in yellow-eyed penguins (Megadyptes antipodes) in New Zealand.
parrots with severe diphtheritic upper digestive lesions, experimentally causing the formation of cutaneous lesions in chickens; chicken and parrot strains will not provide cross protection (3).
The disease was mostly seen in birds of 6-12 months of age and disease was characterized by coetaneous lesions on the featherless skin and or diphtheritic lesion of mucous coats of the upper alimentary and respiratory tract.
The shape of the laryngeal plug is similar to the conical tip of the Fell-O'Dwyer apparatus (Figure 3) which was used in the 1880s in the management of acute diphtheritic laryngitis.
Although there is a diphtheritic form of the disease in which lesions appear in mouth and upper respiratory tract, this form of disease is also associated with skin lesions on the featherless part of the body in some chickens.
(FAIRCHILD.) ESPECIALLY PREPARED AS A SOLVENT FOR DIPHTHERITIC MEMBRANE." (2) (p57) It seems around that time, companies such as Fairchild began marketing injectable preparations in addition to those intended for direct application.
In 2005, there were 7 deaths, due to non availability of anti diphtheritic serum (ADS) in Maharashtra State.
The effect of lacal pressure in diphtheritic neuropathy.
We old nurses used to say "croup before the rash is invariably measles, croup after the rash is probably diphtheritic, and croup with the rash may be either".