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One who has received a diploma, especially a physician certified as a specialist by a board of examiners.


(Medicine) any person who has been granted a diploma, esp a physician certified as a specialist


(ˈdɪp ləˌmeɪt)

a person, as a doctor or engineer, who has a diploma and has been certified as a specialist by a board in the appropriate field.
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Noun1.diplomate - medical specialist whose competence has been certified by a diploma granted by an appropriate professional group
medical specialist, specialist - practices one branch of medicine
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What rendered these diplomates so much the more aristocratic, was the novelty of the thing, scarcely one of them having been accustomed to society at home.
Au sujet de sa nomination en tant que premier ambassadeur d'Australie resident au Maroc, la diplomate de ce pays de l'hemisphere sud s'est dite [beaucoup moins que]tres honoree[beaucoup plus grand que] par ce poste.
Supply of On/Off Switch for 33/11 KV Control Relay Penal Make- Nippon / Primer / Diplomate AE or any other standard make,Supply of On/Off Switch for 33/11 KV VCB Penal Make- Nippon / Primer / Diplomate AE or any other standard make
Le president palestinien, Mahmoud Abbas, a accepte une proposition russe de rencontrer a Moscou le Premier ministre israelien Benjamin Netanyahu, a annonce, lundi, un diplomate palestinien.
These credentials are bestowed upon qualified sanitarians that meet the requirements or certification as a Diplomate and/or Diplomate Laureate of the American Academy of Sanitarians (AAS).
The spring 2015 Diplomate application cycle is open now through May 22.
The CME requirement is clear: All diplomate physicians must accrue, on average, 30 Category-1 CME credits a year; the CME must be relevant to the specialty or subspecialty in which the diplomate practices.
Dans une declaration a l'APS, il a signale que "nous nous rejouissons du retour dans leurs familles au debut de ce mois sacre de Ramadhan du diplomate tunisien Laaroussi Gantassi et de son collegue Mohamed Ben Cheikh, enleves il y a trois mois a Tripoli (Libye)".
If a diplomate holds more than one license, all must be full and unrestricted.
Les pays asiatiques vont etre soumis a un lobbying intense a ce sujet", a predit un diplomate asiatique.
One diplomate, Greg Wilkes, told OT that he was "proud to finally be a member of the College.
To be subspecialty certified with the ABEM, the candidate must be a Diplomate in Neurology.

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