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One who has received a diploma, especially a physician certified as a specialist by a board of examiners.


(Medicine) any person who has been granted a diploma, esp a physician certified as a specialist


(ˈdɪp ləˌmeɪt)

a person, as a doctor or engineer, who has a diploma and has been certified as a specialist by a board in the appropriate field.
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Noun1.diplomate - medical specialist whose competence has been certified by a diploma granted by an appropriate professional group
medical specialist, specialist - practices one branch of medicine
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What rendered these diplomates so much the more aristocratic, was the novelty of the thing, scarcely one of them having been accustomed to society at home.
Selon des informations rapportees par l'AFP, l'administration Trump a ordonne, mardi, l'expulsion de 15 diplomates de l'ambassade de Cuba a Washington en reponse au mal mysterieux qui a affecte des diplomates americains a La Havane ces derniers mois.
Le Conseil de securite de l'ONU a reclame au gouvernement d'union libyen (GNA) de garantir que les armes ne tomberont pas entre de mauvaises mains si l'embargo sur les ventes d'armes est assoupli dans le pays, ont rapporte des diplomates vendredi dernier.
Diplomates, all members of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, are chosen based upon their recognized litigation skills and courtroom abilities.
Diplomates are the embodiment of pracademics in the environmental health profession.
The first two editions in Lebanon of "Les Petits Diplomates," which were given by Debard in November 2013 and February 2014, proved very successful.
2) For all subsequent years of certification or recertification, including 2012, diplomates are enrolled in C-MOC, which is described below.
L'Algerie a salue la liberation des deux diplomates tunisiens Mohamed Ben Cheikh et Al-Aroussi Kontassi, enleves il y a quelques mois a Tripoli, se felicitant des efforts fournis par les autorites libyennes et tunisiennes pour aboutir a cet heureux resultat sans se soumettre aux conditions exigees par les ravisseurs.
Part I--Licensure and Professional Standing: Diplomates must hold a valid, unrestricted medical license.
Iran et Syrie figurent parmi sept pays candidats pour quatre places ouvertes au Conseil pour la region Asie-Pacifique, selon des diplomates.
College president, Dr Kamlesh Chauhan, (pictured with diplomates) told diplomates that they were in a "truly privileged position to enrich people's lives.
By 2011, all 24 ABMS member boards will have to show that diplomates meet these requirements.

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