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One who has received a diploma, especially a physician certified as a specialist by a board of examiners.


(Medicine) any person who has been granted a diploma, esp a physician certified as a specialist


(ˈdɪp ləˌmeɪt)

a person, as a doctor or engineer, who has a diploma and has been certified as a specialist by a board in the appropriate field.
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Noun1.diplomate - medical specialist whose competence has been certified by a diploma granted by an appropriate professional group
medical specialist, specialist - practices one branch of medicine
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What rendered these diplomates so much the more aristocratic, was the novelty of the thing, scarcely one of them having been accustomed to society at home.
Le message de SM le Roi trace d'abord les priorites de la diplomatie marocaine et la methodologie que doivent adopter les diplomates marocains de par le monde", a dit M.
Iran et Syrie figurent parmi sept pays candidats pour quatre places ouvertes au Conseil pour la region Asie-Pacifique, selon des diplomates.
College president, Dr Kamlesh Chauhan, (pictured with diplomates) told diplomates that they were in a "truly privileged position to enrich people's lives.
By 2011, all 24 ABMS member boards will have to show that diplomates meet these requirements.
Le Bulletin Diplomatique Macedonien souhaite a son collegue Blagoj Zasov des jours de retraite detendus, tout en esperant que les jeunes generations de diplomates macedoniens pourront compter sur son experience riche.
the award is given each year to a member of the College of Diplomates who demonstrates exemplary career leadership and contributions to education.
Diplomates are distinguished by the level of their skills in analysis, review, case management and many areas of health care administration.
At the same time, the Board will defend its primary certificate and the Diplomates that hold it.
Scott, PhD, President of the American Board of Clinical Chemistry, announced the following changes to the Rules and Regulations and By-Laws for the American Board of Clinical Chemistry in letters to all diplomates in October 1999 and February 2000.
The American Board of Medical Genetics (ABMG) created a variety of modules based on literature review, in which diplomates take a Web-based test without preparation.
in the United States, in partnership with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), jointly announced today the launch of the new ABMS MOC Directory, powered by MedEdPORTAL'S CE Directory, offering benefits to both Continuing Medical Education (CME) providers and Board Certified diplomates seeking MOC credit.

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