diplomatic minister

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Noun1.diplomatic minister - a diplomat representing one government to anotherdiplomatic minister - a diplomat representing one government to another; ranks below ambassador
diplomat, diplomatist - an official engaged in international negotiations
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Timothy Henares from De La Salle University was the winner of the Most Diplomatic Minister under the ASEAN Political Security Community Award, 4th ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting 2018.
At the ceremony, Moon and Kim talked with descendants of the Joseon diplomats, including the granddaughter of Park Jeong-yang, the first diplomatic minister of the legation.
The report said the foreign ministry summoned Nobukatsu Kanehara, a diplomatic minister at the Japanese Embassy, to protest over Japan's 2011 defense white paper, which employs the same language used since 2005 to refer to the rocky outcroppings held by South Korea as Japanese territory.