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Noun1.diplomatic negotiations - negotiation between nations
convention - (diplomacy) an international agreement
negotiation, talks, dialogue - a discussion intended to produce an agreement; "the buyout negotiation lasted several days"; "they disagreed but kept an open dialogue"; "talks between Israelis and Palestinians"
dollar diplomacy - diplomacy influenced by economic considerations
gunboat diplomacy, power politics - diplomacy in which the nations threaten to use force in order to obtain their objectives
recognition - the explicit and formal acknowledgement of a government or of the national independence of a country; "territorial disputes were resolved in Guatemala's recognition of Belize in 1991"
shuttle diplomacy - international negotiations conducted by a mediator who frequently flies back and forth between the negotiating parties; "Kissinger's shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East"
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Since he assumed office in 2016, Duterte has taken a soft stance on China over the two nation's sea dispute, engaging Beijing in diplomatic negotiations.
"Rather than risk, the best method to solve the problem is through negotiation, diplomatic negotiations," he said.
Those books she read and those folks she consulted were, I take it, disinterested in the complications of two decades of diplomatic negotiations, uncaring about Israel's many meaningful peace offers, and oblivious to the campaigns of mass terror the Palestinians unleashed frequently and at a deadly cost.
We also firmly believe that diplomatic negotiations will prevail and the issue will be resolved." Speaking on the ties between Qatar and Hungary, he said,"High level cooperation serves as a solid base for our bilateral relations that extends to political, sport, cultural and scientific research activities and joint work." Hungarian exports to Qatar total at around $100mn, majority of which is spare parts, industrial equipment and food items.
In contrast, Vick emphasizes the relevance of the contemporary political culture, which influenced the complex processes of diplomatic negotiations and decision making at the Vienna Congress to a large degree.
The KNN Channel of the change movement that the head of the movement met tribal figures from different regions in Sulaymaniyah, and confirmed during the meeting that his movement "made strenuous efforts to improve the living conditions of citizens and re-living conditions for them to where they were, through diplomatic negotiations with political parties in the Kurdistan region.
He is an international figure who always fought our national interest first, second and third in diplomatic negotiations.
Leaders gathered at the summit will discuss diplomatic negotiations surrounding Palestinian and Syria and the efforts to end conflicts in Yemen and Libya, according to Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zaid.
"Perhaps it was a job audition for when he loses his seat." Tory MP Peter Bone criticises Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg for appearing on a TV cookery show during diplomatic negotiations over the Ukraine crisis.
The increase in tuition and other fees was part of the budget for 2014- 15 approved by the school's Board of Governors during a meeting earlier this month, following diplomatic negotiations between India and the US on affairs of the educational institution that has about 1,500 students, a majority of them Americans and of other nationalities.
"We are doing our utmost to free her through diplomatic negotiations and by offering compensation." President Yudhoyono has been personally following up on the case, he said.
The sides reaffirmed the need for a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian crisis through diplomatic negotiations and the use of the possible mechanisms of international mediation, the message reads.