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Noun1.diplomatic pouch - a mail pouch that is sealed shut and that is used to carry communications between a legation and its home office
mail pouch, mailbag - pouch used in the shipment of mail
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Ambassador Sung's predecessor did not leave with a diplomatic pouch filled with 100 percent happy memories, not with all the name-calling he received at his end.
The Korean War Memorial Peace Concert still remembering the PEFTOK's valuable sacrifice !-- -- DIPLOMATIC POUCH - Han Dong-Man (The Philippine Star) - June 20, 2019 - 12:00am The year 2019 marks the 69thanniversary of the Korean War which broke out in 1950 and lasted until 1953 on the Korean peninsula.
We print millions of diplomatic pouch tags annually.
Not only can these questionable diplomats work unhindered by law enforcement in their host countries, and elsewhere, they can also carry a diplomatic pouch, which cannot be searched or seized, under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.
"He said that it was just a small part of a large amount kept in a diplomatic pouch at the Kenyan embassy.
Poet Marjorie Evasco, then director of De La Salle University Press, was invited to represent the country's publishers in 1989 and was grateful that then Presidential Legal Counsel Adolf Azcuna had arranged for the shipping of the books via diplomatic pouch. Ester Pacheco, Karina Bolasco, RayVi Sunico, Nida Ramirez, Kyra Ballesteros, and this year, Billie Andrada of Ateneo University Press, also went on the same international training program for publishers that gave the country a small complimentary booth.
We are simply waiting for a piece of paper which is coming in a diplomatic pouch. When I receive it, we will sign within an hour or two, depending on availability," CDR President Nabil Jisr told The Daily Star Wednesday.
While direct mailing relies on the capacity of the foreign postal service or a commercial carrier, mail addressed to an embassy--as an extension of the foreign state--can be forwarded to the minister by diplomatic pouch. See Rux, 2005 WL 2086202, at *16 (addressing the 'inherent reliability and security associated with diplomatic pouches,' which, 'unlike the United States Postal Service, DHL, or any other commercial carrier, is accorded heightened protection under international law to ensure safe and uncompromised delivery of documents between countries.' (citing Vienna Convention, art.
Argentina has issued warrants for several Iranians, including former President Rafsanjani, accusing them of plotting the bombing, using the Iranian diplomatic pouch to bring in explosives, and gathering local Hezbollah members to carry out the bombing.
This stockpile of illegal ivory was then smuggled to Beijing by diplomatic pouch on the president's official plane, the agency said.
Peiris emphasised that such items shouldn't have been sent in the diplomatic pouch. The minister said that such transfers were against the rules and regulations.
Bahrainis with special passports will qualify for a free, six-month visa to the UK and Northern Ireland, while UK diplomatic passport holders, diplomatic pouch bearers and special envoys can embark on visa-free travel to Bahrain for a maximum of six months.