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1. Physics A pair of separated electric charges or magnetic poles, of equal magnitude but of opposite sign or polarity.
2. Chemistry A molecule having two such charges or poles.
3. Electronics An antenna, usually fed from the center, consisting of two equal rods extending outward in a straight line.

di·po′lar adj.
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Adj.1.dipolar - having equal and opposite electric charges or magnetic poles having opposite signs and separated by a small distance
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These signatures range from isolated magnetic highs to strong dipolar features to elongate dyke-like responses.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers report on the observation of supersolid behavior in dipolar quantum gases of erbium and dysprosium.
The first world has already employed these tools effectively and during dipolar state regime, USA succeeded in conquering the cold war against USSR through its highly effective propaganda machine via film medium creating a powerful counter narrative that was adequately propagated.
For systems where dispersion, induction and dipolar forces which are applied by the values of excess viscosity are found to be negative, the large negative values of excess viscosity for all the systems can be refered to the presence of the dispersion, induction, and dipolar forces between the components [16].
The characteristic dependence of the [epsilon]' of PPTMP on frequency can be explained with interfacial polarization and dipolar polarization in the lower and higher frequency regions, respectively.
Despite its shortterm fluctuations, Earth's magnetic dynamo has maintained its powerful dipolar field for billions of years.
This assumption needs to be emphasized because resonant SHG radiation experiments from Si surface shows that the SH intensity peak does not arise from dipolar SH transition but indeed from the large uncompensated local-field gradient at the surface as shown convincingly in Reference [21].
For surface-modified magnetic nanoparticles, the stability depends upon the balance of the attractive force (magnetic dipolar and van der Waals interactions) and the repulsive force (electrostatic and electrosteric interactions) [1].
In these two samples, high conduction resulting from multiple electron hopping events completely overwhelmed the polarizability attained from the dipolar chain motion.
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