dipole antenna

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Noun1.dipole antenna - an aerial half a wavelength long consisting of two rods connected to a transmission line at the center
antenna, transmitting aerial, aerial - an electrical device that sends or receives radio or television signals
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Antenna:inbuilt/external detachable dipole antenna with minimum 4dbi.
Here our design aim will be to reduce the SLL with respect to the main beam for a half wavelength linear dipole antenna array.
Also a dipole antenna as an exposure source is simulated.
The C-shaped patches perform as a radiating element is loaded with a basic dipole antenna to achieve a dual band antenna is presented.
A dipole antenna is a well-established reference for performance and has the perfect geometry to optimise power transfer.
A diamond dipole antenna (Figure 3(a)) has been designed to be incorporated with a textile AMC waveguide jacket.
The authors proposed a wideband printed dipole antenna in [18], which will be used as the antenna array element in this paper.
In the commercial systems for SAR measurement a dipole antenna and a shell full of human head equivalent materials is used.
In this article, we show theoretically, how the gravitational potential of an electric dipole antenna placed in empty space propagates as gravitational waves.
has suggested a method to compute the driving point impedance of an isolated dipole antenna using fuzzy model [10].
A broadband printed dipole antenna with a pair of asymmetrical arms of length 227 mm was described in [10].