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n. pl. dip·sos Slang
A person who has a compulsion to drink alcohol; a dipsomaniac.
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n, pl -sos
slang short for dipsomaniac1
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(ˈdɪp soʊ)

n., pl. -sos. Slang.
a dipsomaniac; habitual drunk.
[1875–80; by shortening; compare -o]
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The solitary local dipso - a dodgy-looking old geezer in tracksuit bottoms and a vest - and me and the girls.
To be a rebel is to court extinction," slurred the dipso silent-screen siren Louise Brooks late in her life, when she lived in a shabby Rochester apartment writing astringent recollections of the coarse and ignorant moguls she had known and loathed.
In and around the palace are lively bars including Urban, Go Ten, Cafe Le Palais, Dipso and Steiler, all bustling with young professionals and students.
You can now save more than PS26,000 and buy a Bentayga with a diesel engine (a Bentley first) that's still plenty quick and will use less fuel than the petrol model, which showed a decidedly dipso 17.6mpg on test.
Fernandes, "Multi-objective Flexible Job-Shop scheduling problem with DIPSO: More diversity, greater efficiency," in Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, CEC 2014, pp.
"I'm not a dipso but sometimes I'm looking at my joke book the next day and I won't be able to read it because it's like this drunken scrawl.
My grown-up sons learned to eat spicy food there and then, alas, in recent years to drink lager with a similar enthusiasm to that of their dipso dad, who generally, incidentally, foots the bill for their pints.
Not that it mattered to Chris Eccleston's corrupt, dipso city councillor who, after managing to drink more than a cross-channel swimmer with lockjaw, had developed a case of the vodka sweats so severe that, even when indoors, he looked as though he'd been dipped in vaseline.
Kerry Katona Lush as a noun is American for dipso - as an adjective British (esp.
Downsides are a dipso thirst; 15mpg recorded on a shortish blast around the countryside, and that driver's seat on the wrong side of the car.
9 Track of the Cat (William Wellman) The highlight of this year's Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna, Wellman's legendary 1954 family psychodrama relies on formal paradox--shot in wide-screen and color, it is claustral and mostly black and white--to make stranger its O'Neill-like tale of a mountain clan ruled by a dipso daddy and Bible-thumping mom.