intr.v. dip·sy-doo·dled, dip·sy-doo·dling, dip·sy-doo·dles Informal
To move in or follow a zigzag course.

[Alteration of dipsy-do, baseball term to describe motion of a screwball, from dip.]
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Filial in gratitude, dope and a string of dipsy-doodle hippy communes along with a disastrous marriage have left their mark.
This book provides a fascinating (honestly) tale of the dipsy-doodle tax gyrations of the 1980s and a technical perspective on the very complex world of taxes as they relate to each other, to the economy and ultimately to those who pay them.
Here, little Miss Nobody from Tulsa enters the all-dancing dipsy-doodle world of the Copacabana nightclub, where your personality counts less than what you have got on your head, and smoke spurts up from the rostrum every time cupid fires a dart.