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1. Of, relating to, or belonging to the insect order Diptera; dipteran.
2. Having two wings, as certain insects, or winglike appendages, as certain fruits and seeds: the dipterous fruit of the maple.

[From New Latin Diptera, order name; see dipteran. Sense 2, from Greek dipteros, having two wings; see dipteran.]


1. (Animals) Also: dipteran of, relating to, or belonging to the Diptera
2. (Botany) botany having two winglike parts: a dipterous seed.
[C18: from New Latin, from Greek dipteros, from di- two + pteros wing]


(ˈdɪp tər əs)

having two wings, as a fly, or two winglike parts, as certain seeds.
[1765–75; < New Latin dipterus < Greek dípteros]
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Adj.1.dipterous - of or relating to or belonging to the Diptera


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List of the specimens of dipterous insects in the collection of the British Museum.
To the Editor: Myiasis is the infestation of humans or animals with dipterous insect larvae (1).
Human myiasis is defined as "the infestation of the tissue of living human with dipterous larvae" (1).
Myiasis is a term that describes the infestation of body tissues or organs by dipterous fly species.
Thiocyclam is a nereistoxin analogue insecticides, selective stomach insecticide with contact action for lepidopterous and coleopterous pests; some dipterous and thysanopterous pests.
To the Editor: Myiasis is the infestation of tissues of live vertebrates (humans and/or animals) by dipterous larvae.
Dipterous was retained by the pair for EUR15,000 as a yearling and the daughter of Mujadil went on to repay their faith by winning over 6f and earning more than EUR22,000 in prize-money before breeding King Torus.
The role of silica in protecting Italian ryegrass (Lollium multiflora) from attack by dipterous stemboring larvae (Oscinella frit and another related species).
ZEBUB (zee-bub)--a baby zebu [an Ethiopian dipterous insect harmful to cattle]
The Irish Stallion Farms Premier Nursery is wide open, but Spencer's mount Dipterous ran a fine race in the Birdcatcher Nursery on yielding to soft at Naas a fortnight ago to beat all except Dark Cheetah.
Off the track since disappointing at Royal Ascot in June, the Storm Cat colt sprinted clear in the final furlong to slam Dipterous by two and a half lengths