dire straits

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Noun1.dire straits - a state of extreme distress
straits, strait, pass - a bad or difficult situation or state of affairs
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And if we are able thus to attack an inferior force with a superior one, our opponents will be in dire straits.
Trent, who had seen men before in dire straits, fed him from a spoon and forced brandy between his lips.
And Jove answered, "To-morrow morning, Juno, if you choose to do so, you will see the son of Saturn destroying large numbers of the Argives, for fierce Hector shall not cease fighting till he has roused the son of Peleus when they are fighting in dire straits at their ships' sterns about the body of Patroclus.
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that the condition of the country's economy is in dire straits.
Now that the country is in dire straits, Prime Minister Imran Khan will do well to save money spent on the moon committee.
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