direct loan

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: loan - a loan by a lender to a customer without the use of a third party; direct lending gives the lender greater discretion in making loans
loan - the temporary provision of money (usually at interest)
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Deputy Finance Minister Pisit Lee-Atham said Monday that Thailand may ask for direct loans from Japan instead of a guarantee or interest subsidy.
Tables 1 and 2 present the various direct loan and guaranteed loan programs that existed in the 1996 fiscal year.
Colleges will decide individually whether or not to offer direct loans, although it's expected that most will.
The Direct Loan Program operates as a public-private partnership leveraging the federal government's lower cost of capital with the expertise of the private sector.
But amid reports that some HBCUs had tried--and left--the Direct Loan program in recent years, UNCF has been conducting a survey on the issue.
have encouraged schools to move to direct loans as some private lenders stopped offering federal loans.
The Direct Loan program costs less than the Federal Family Education Loan program, according to Congressional Budget Office data.
2 million direct loan to construct a fire hall in the community of Ponemah, one of several communities located in the area.
In total, the switch to the less-costly Direct Loan program will save taxpayers an estimated $61 billion over the next 10 years, reducing the federal budget deficit by at least $10 billion in that time.

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