direct speech

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direct speech

Direct speech refers to the direct quotation of something that someone else said. It is sometimes known as quoted speech. Because the quotation happened in the past, we put the reporting verb into the past simple tense, but we don’t change the verbs used within the quotation. We also punctuate sentences in a certain way when we use direct speech in writing.
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direct speech


direct discourse

(Grammar) the reporting of what someone has said or written by quoting his or her exact words
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direct′ speech′

a representation of speech in which the speaker's exact words are quoted, as in She said, “I'm not going.” Also called direct discourse. Compare indirect speech.
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direkte Rede
References in classic literature ?
From sending messages he came to making direct speech to the kite--without, however, ceasing to send the runners.
Lurgan Sahib did not use as direct speech, but his advice tallied with Mahbub's; and the upshot was good for Kim.
The play presented the idea of charity through the use of marionettes and music rather than direct speech.
"The Guard sacrificed its life to protect our people and our Islamic revolution in 1979," Rohani said in a direct speech broadcast on Iranian television.
Certain things are best conveyed in direct speech. So here goes the conversation that took place in the court of the Chief Justice of India between Mehta and the CJI:
The first instance of Semi direct speech is introduced by the quotative index ne noma 'when I say' that indicates that the comforter quotes himself.
Donnelly excelled maintaining character throughout while directing his co-star with stage directions in both stage whispers, direct speech and through a discretely placed earpiece.
But no direct speech he made at the party meeting unlike the past and decisions of the parley were communicated to the media through former law minister Rana Sanaullah.
What is interesting about this debate and present argument is that, in many ways, this belief in the verbally plenary inspiration of the Bible is similar in nature to the classical Islamic view of the inimitability (i'jaz) of the Quran, in which the Quran is the direct speech of God revealed to Muhammad verbatim.