direct sum

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: sum - a union of two disjoint sets in which every element is the sum of an element from each of the disjoint sets
join, sum, union - a set containing all and only the members of two or more given sets; "let C be the union of the sets A and B"
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The author has organized this work into twenty-seven chapters covering direct sum decompositions, subfield structures, modules for alternating groups, and many other related topics.
If furthermore, the family M is closed under formation of direct sums, then k(M) is a Hopf algebra, with product induced by direct sum.
2] is quasinilpotent with respect to this direct sum, and
V] can be written as a direct sum of of its right cosets.
They said a direct sum of over ` 55,398 crore had been invested in Games- related projects and the rest was in the form of indirect activities.
a) The Lie algebra X(E) of the vector fields on E decomposes in the direct sum
Fuchs 1970) that minimal pure-injective group containing a given group G as a pure-subgroup is isomorphic to the direct sum of the divisible hull of the Ulm subgroup G1 of G and the Z-adic completion of G.
of Dundee, Scotland) gently introduce the factorization theory of abelian groups, which deals with decomposing an abelian group into a direct sum of its subsets.
This is an indefinite inner product space which has the structure of the direct sum of a Hilbert space and a negative Hilbert space.
Britain is the second largest net contributor to the EU budget, after only Germany, paying a direct sum of pounds 15bn per year for membership of the EU.
Mathematically this is the order 16 group that is the direct sum of four copies of [C.
In particular, the bundle F is the direct sum of two G-invariant sub-bundles E and [([S.

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