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Noun1.directed verdict - a verdict entered by the court in a jury trial without consideration by the jury; "there cannot be a directed verdict of guilty in a criminal trial"
finding of fact, verdict - (law) the findings of a jury on issues of fact submitted to it for decision; can be used in formulating a judgment
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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We got a directed verdict on negligence, proximate cause and serious impairment of a body function, Johnson said.
At the close of all evidence, the defendants moved for a directed verdict now referred to as a motion for judgment as a matter of law but Superior Court Judge Richard A.
contends that by granting a directed verdict for the State at the close of the States case during the grounds phase of the proceedings without allowing him an opportunity to present any evidence, the trial court violated his due process right to present a defense, which constituted structural error.
Wan moved for a directed verdict, arguing that McKaughan had not introduced any evidence of how the cancer metastasized from Farr's right lung to his left, and that this failure to prove a method of metastasis constituted a failure to prove causation, an essential element of a medical malpractice claim.
Pyramid Contracting was not included because the company had previously reached a successful directed verdict.
After Coleman presented her case at trial, MTC moved for a directed verdict in the amount of $289,400; the court sustained MTC's motion and entered an order to that effect Coleman appealed.
Part III discusses three procedural aspects of Alaska law that relate to the state summary judgment standard: notice pleading, directed verdict, and Alaska's "English Rule" fee shifting.
Judge David Ricciardone granted a motion by the defense that he issue a directed verdict, indicating that as a matter of law a jury was left to rule in favor of the defense.
That ended with a directed verdict in her favor just after she was sworn in as a U.
The Missouri Court of Appeals concluded that the circuit court did not err in denying Mehrtens' motions for directed verdict and his motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict.
It really makes no sense to have a case go all the way through pretrial procedure when it is going to be resolved by means of a directed verdict anyway," said Reyes, adding that adopting the federal standard would preserve limited court resources by reserving the time-consuming and expensive process of a full-blown trial to those matters involving disputed, material issues of fact which can only be resolved by trial.
The defendant moved for a directed verdict on all counts.

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