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Layton's book Directional Antennas Made Simple has long been the standard, most professional guide to understanding, maintaining and proofing such systems.
Polarization Make sure polarization is the same for ideal reception (GPS applications can use relays to switch between LHCP and RHCP antenna) Directional Antenna Rotating directional antennas can be better than Omni-directional sensing
Ketema Adere, Rammurthy proposed the directional antenna based MAC protocol that used with Sensor-MAC Protocol to increase the performance of the output of wireless sensor network.
When a SU steers its directional antenna to each sector of its transmission sectors, it performs CH over the available channels within the sector according to a CH sequence.
A comparison will be made between the multifrequency signaling antenna array with directivity [D.sub.MFSAA] and the typical directional antenna array with directivity [D.sub.directional].
Keywords: base station; directional antenna; inter-symbol interference; propagation path delay.
As can be seen most of values do not vary significantly during the entire design process; however, a reduction of the 3 dB beamwidth at intermediate frequencies (9 and 12 GHz) for the planar directional antenna is appreciated.
The CR node consisted of a multi-band directional antenna connected to a commercial wideband transceiver USRP2 (universal software radio peripheral) from Ettus research lab [25], which was accessed with MATLAB for reconfiguration and baseband processing.
Omnidirectional antennas are often required in modern wireless communication systems [1-5], but the directional antennas are more favorable in some applications [6].
Consider that the top-mounted directional antenna must be mounted as far forward and as close to the centerline of the airframe as possible, and it must be installed so that the horizontal base falls within a specific longitudinal and latitudinal axis while the aircraft sits in level flight.
1a-c), namely they do not assure a reliable network structure and there occur crossings of connections between nodes pairs which makes the topology non-planar (a rather unwelcome feature of a WSN when directional antennas are in use).
In Section 3, we overview the directional antenna model and mmWave-based IEEE 802.11ad network in the system description.

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