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 (dĭ-rĕk′shən, dī-)
1. The management, supervision, or guidance of a group or operation: The manager's direction of the sales campaign has been highly effective.
2. The art or action of directing a musical, theatrical, or cinematic production.
a. An authoritative order or command: The supervisor shouted directions to employees in the warehouse.
b. Music A word or phrase in a score indicating how a passage is to be played or sung.
c. directions Instructions in how to do something or reach a destination: read the directions before assembling the grill; asked for directions in how to get to the lake.
a. The course along which a person or thing is moving or must move to reach a destination: The boat left the bay and sailed in a northerly direction.
b. The point toward which a person or thing faces or is oriented: The twins stood back to back, looking in opposite directions.
5. A course or line of development; a tendency toward a particular end or goal: charting a new direction for the company.

[Middle English, arrangement, from Latin dīrēctiō, dīrēctiōn-, from dīrēctus, past participle of dīrigere, to direct; see direct.]

di·rec′tion·less adj.
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(dɪˈrɛkʃənz; daɪ-)
pl n
(sometimes singular) instructions for doing something or for reaching a place
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hướng dẫn


تَوْجِيهات pokyny retningsanvisning Anweisungen οδηγίες indicaciones, instrucciones ohjeet indications upute istruzioni 指示 지시 routebeschrijving (bruks)anvisning instrukcje instruções инструкции färdbeskrivning การชี้แนะ yol tarifi hướng dẫn 说明
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"I have often," says Captain Bonneville, "seen trees measuring eighteen inches in diameter, at the places where they had been cut through by the beaver, but they lay in all directions, and often very inconveniently for the after purposes of the animal.
It was with difficulty that he kept the trail, for there were many paths through the jungle at this point--crossing and crisscrossing, forking and branching in all directions, and over them all had passed natives innumerable, coming and going.
Bulan saw no harm in this, and without a shade of suspicion sat down upon a fallen tree and watched his two guides disappear into the jungle in opposite directions. Once out of sight of the white man the two turned back and met a short distance in the rear of the party they had deserted--in another moment they were headed for the long-house from which they had started.
Those of us who could fled in all directions into the jungle, but more were killed.
In three separate directions, they were to set forth as pilgrims to the shrines of India.
A glance in the direction toward which he was looking was sufficient to apprise me of his aims and at the same time to fill me with the dread of dire apprehension, for, streaming in from all directions across the meadow, from out of the forest, and from the far distance of the flat land across the river, I could see converging upon us a hundred different lines of wildly leaping creatures such as we were now engaged with, and with them some strange new monsters which ran with great swiftness, now erect and now upon all fours.
As what proved to be the last warrior came into view from the pass, he halted and, to our consternation, threw his small but powerful fieldglass to his eye and scanned the sea bottom in all directions. Evidently he was a chieftain, for in certain marching formations among the green men a chieftain brings up the extreme rear of the column.
As for this last, change in the reverse direction would seem to be most truly its contrary; thus motion upwards is the contrary of motion downwards and vice versa.
Why she should choose that direction she did not pause to consider.
As it formed, therefore, a convenient highway, and ran in a proper direction, they turned into it, and determined to keep along it as far as safety would permit: as the Crow encampment must be some distance off, and it was not likely those savages would return upon their steps.
From the direction of Tulagi he could see the white sails of a schooner laying a tack across toward Berande.
Dimension implies direction, implies measurement, implies the more and the less.

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